What is All this “Bliss” About Anyway?

You would want to know wouldn’t you? Well you can either take our short explanation or go for the more detailed info on the official event website

BLISS is a bridal show inspired by the “Real Wedding” Experience. Come EXPERIENCE top notch wedding vendors in action doing what they will do best in a real Wedding setting. This means you get to experience first hand the working culture of vendors and determine whether they fit your ideal vendors for your wedding day.

Team1000words is participating in the 4th edition to be held at the La palm Beach hotel on the 17th of July 2016. You can see the full list of participating vendors here. We will be featuring all these vendors on our website after the Bliss event so you can connect with them.


There are many more upcoming Blisses: do make it a point to attend! Our event’s tickets have been sold out. See all participants!

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