Show down in Jamestown – Chale wote 2013

The Chale wote Street Art Festival was many things. It was colorful expressions, artistic shout out, photographic moments…half naked kids running in the rain, Wanlov Kubolor  playing football  (reminds me of Bob Marley doing same)


Our attention and focus however was not on any of those artistic expressions, nooo! Somewhere on the street there was fistful art of the juvenile kind. Come see kids packing punches and delivering them with intense fury. Yep, it was boxing; and by the look of it the boxers must have been under 10.

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Is this even legal? Question to answer someday. One remarkable observation was how fit these kids were! Their punches were surprisingly heavy, and well-flung. You could tell they had undergone disciplined training, and had exercised their body to take the punishment being inflicted.


Ok folks, this is the point where we put our disclaimer: team1000words does not subscribe to violence in any form ( we prefer mushy, lovey stuff), so we also captured this:


Whoever said sunshine brings happiness
Has never danced in the rain!



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