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When Vendors Met To Shoot A Video ( and other related stories)

When the La Palm Blisswedding vendor team met to shoot promo video and photos the excitement was palpable! La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, our gracious host for the 4th Bliss wedding event were kind to provide us with room facilities for over 4 hours!

The video shoot was directed and shot by the Tridetail team who are pouring heart and soul in to making the 4th Bliss wedding show one for the record books. Supporting this endeavour photographically was our own crew – Team1000words. We also brought our comic game and made sure there was more laughter than tension during the shoot. What is clear is that most of the vendors have worked together on numerous wedding events and have that beautiful relationship and communication which often signals unhindered synergy.

It was an amazing time: you should have seen  vendor after vendor “spitting” pure passion into the mic as they told the camera what is they do. But don’t take my word for it: watch the video, and come the 17th of July be one of the seated guests who will also interact with all of us the vendors!

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