Main man Astero marries his sweetheart of 10 years!

Actually known as  Michael Bredu-Appiah Astero was every student’s  favorite teaching assistant and has now metamorphosed into a lovable lecturer (you should have seen the fans from his students and colleagues!). From back in the days when we were classmates (in university), through our national service year as teaching assistants I have had senior respect for his ability to bring fun to ANY party! His wedding fit the rhetoric and it was a cheerful joyous celebration infused with constant cheering from his many fans: “ASTERO! ASTERO!”


Michael and Nana Aba have a story. Theirs is a story that started in 2003, and it has taken 10 years to bring it to the altar. Their smiles say it all: FINALLY!


As usual we were up to our “team1000words things” and made the exclusives a fun experience for the wedding party



The highlight of our shoot was the “ponding” of the groom ( dousing the groom with water as a show of camaraderie and “brotherly support”)


The picture below alludes to the events of our day as well ( in reference to the police glasses). We had a little “incident” with the Police on our way to the church from the bride’s house. We did a little over-taking maneuver to join the convoy only to be singled out and stopped by the Police. The copper then spent the next 30 minutes of our time wasting it. We eventually managed to resolve the issue and just made it to the church. Our fortune was that the entourage had set off with 45 minutes to spare, so despite our delay we were just about on time (whew!!). Anyway, to “celebrate” deliberate time-wasting-tactics-come-to-nought I just had to slip this picture in: Light Ninja doing his usual lightjitsu to decide the best spot for the shoot. Cool ninja things :-).


All in all we had an exciting day, and boy, am I glad I was able to share in this story. Now back to work editing and creating the full story.

This has been Kwame Pocho reporting from Michael and Nana Aba’s wedding for team1000words.
Peace out!

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  1. Nana Kofi
    Nana Kofi says:

    That’s more like the Pocho I know right… Good story, great description of events and a love story well-climaxed… Love the shots. Team1000 at their makayandic best. Cheers man!

  2. agyakomaa
    agyakomaa says:

    Now I understand the tired look at the beginning of the ceremony and the statement you made. Lovely work up there 🙂

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