This Has A Different Ring To It!

Micky and Asantewaa’s wedding was awesome in many ways. It was also one for uniqueness in the form of rings made of wood! Naturally we were curious about why they chose such an uncommon ring material.

The story puts the couple in beautiful context. Micky shares how he’d always desired to have his wedding ring be made of a rarely used material. He settled on the thought that rings made of wood would be  perfect  but never got to figuring out if it was possible. Asantewaa, with her knack for research took the idea a step further and found how to turn the wish into reality. She discovered a company dedicated to making rings from wood for couples all over the world!  The company is  Touch Wood Rings, and they have an amazingly detailed online catalogue of rings made with wood.

Wood Rings? Who Does That? (They did!)

Micky and Asantewaa started communicating with David and Nicola Finch (owners of Touch Wood Rings) two years ago.  Theirs is a very eco-friendly establishment. The rings are made with wood from fallen trees, , bits and pieces of wood, branches and such that have broken off  trees. They have made it their life’s goal to cause no harm to people or the environment. Micky and Asantewaa spent a year going through the various designs and types of wood on the website to finally arrive at  a design they both liked using wood they found appealing.

Wood Types Used in The Rings

Micky’s ring   has Blackwood as the primary wood(the black part), with Bright Koa wood for the borders(the gold parts), then Purpleheart wood in the centre. Asantewaa’s engagement is Purpleheart wood. Her wedding ring has Purpleheart wood as the primary wood with Abalone for the inlay.


Will The Rings Last?

According to Micky, yes: “it really depends on how well we treat them. The usual rules that apply for metallic rings apply to them as well: keep away from strong chemicals, body creams, soap, hand sanitisers; do not wear during heavy work’..etc. They do lose their shine over time though and the protective layer can wear off; but they can be polished and restored good as new using curator’s wax” (the same wax used in museums to maintain artefacts)


A Lesson worth Sharing.

I will forever remember Micky and Asantewaa’s wedding because this for me speaks of the beauty of teamwork when it comes to creating a unique experiences for your marriage. The lengths they have gone to choose their rings; the act of not settling for materials commonly used is one worthy of emulation. Certainly wearing rings made of wood is not for every couple: that’s not the lesson to be learnt; it’s rather the process of desiring, and working towards fulfilling that want in a mutually supportive and loving way that I refer to. No doubt when efforts are made with careful consideration for one another the result is what fairy tales are made of. We wish them a blissful beautiful marriage!


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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Wow this is of a kind. I am blown away. I am thinking of a wood ring now for my next anniversary. Thanks Pocho and team 1000words.

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