A Child is Born:

And then a child was born;
at a time just before dawn;

Somewhere a mother holds her son and breathes forgetfulness;
She feels a tug at her heart-strings as her son clings;
He clings and wraps around her heart like a miracle blanket of love:
She forgets the pain of her ordeal
And begins to heal for real


Somewhere a father holds his son and breathes newness
He feels a tug at his heart-strings as his son clings
And in that bond of love his heart sings
Praise to the one who gives all things


child asleep, leg in focusChild in a basket Child sleeps in basket peacefullychild asleep in basketChild with fatherchild in the arms of his motheraiden-50aiden-29aiden-56


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  1. Buerkie
    Buerkie says:

    Most cutest and adorable bay boy, with proud parents and a stunning photographic work. STUNNING

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