It's Not the Scene: It's What is Seen. Visualizing Potential.

There is a lot to be said about vision for us who ply our trade…

Bridesmaids and beautiful days! Akwesi and Genevieve

Genevieve and Akwesi's wedding was really one of those exciting…

Beyond digital: Telling Love Stories in Photobooks the Team1000words way

Photo books have become one of the best ways to preserve memories: and we at Team1000words have become very good at making them.

This Has A Different Ring To It!

Micky and Asantewaa's wedding was awesome in many ways. It was also one for uniqueness in the form of wood and stone rings! Naturally we were curious as to why they chose rings made of such material as opposed to conventional metallic rings.

For The Love of Tradition

Hurriedly hurriedly, quickly, quickly! The waves at sea are…

Main man Astero marries his sweetheart of 10 years!

Actually known as  Michael Bredu-Appiah Astero was every student's…