Beyond digital: Telling Love Stories in Photobooks the Team1000words way


Believe me you want to have a photobook telling your wedding day’s story: believe me you want it done the Team1000words way. Why? because we are so darn good at it (toot! toot! blows the self-praise horn!)

A Team1000words Photobook has some of the best layout design. Period!
Thanks to all the years of experience designing and printing photobooks we can confidently make this boast. No this is not hot air blowing from overly pompous folks: this is an assurance steeped in the fact that we have the right people doing this. Yes we do! Our head photobook designer is so nit-picky and prickly ( errm what is this word doing here?)  and a stickler about telling the right kind of story beautifully. The photographers better take the right angles, else they will face her strict censure. Did we mention she is absolutely “kick ass” when it comes to laying out photobooks? Our clients do testify: she latches on to the right kind of vibe to set in the photobooks: makes the experience of flipping through them oh-so-magical!

Printing that is impeccable.

Its been a long but fruitful journey of searching and finding the right kind of print partner for our photobooks. So far we are highly satisfied with the print results and overall finishing on our books. The downside is that our print partner is not local: but the quality of work they deliver out-weighs the inconveniences of doing business with a printing partner who is so far away.

How many photos, how many photos?
Who cares? We don’t! Ok we care because most of our prospective clients have this as one of their major questions when photo books come up in the bookings conversation. Our answer is often this: the number of photos vary depending on the story to be told and the activities contributing to it. The point is you can expect a product that projects a compelling and memorable story of your day using as many of  the stunning images that are taken on the day as possible.

What About Sizes?
Yes we have different sizes of photobooks. We normally recommend the 15×11 inch book for weddings and the 11x 8.5 inch book for other events. Some couples also choose to order both the 15×11 book  for themselves and the smaller 11×8.5 book  for their parents – which is a really nice and thoughtful thing to do.
There are other sizes: see the detailed list in our rate card

15x11 book on the left and 11x8.5 book on the right

15×11 book on the left and 11×8.5 book on the right

Do you work with photos taken by another photographer?
A cautious yes: a few requirements in this regard though. If you would want a photobook for photos not shot by, us contact our client service and they will help you through the requirements. ( email: | tel: 233) 264 895 059. See why you should have shot with us? Would have been super easy ( boo hoooo!)

Do you make books for other events/photography?
Yes we do: birthdays, graduation, fashion look book… even books for when you’re feeling fabulous and do a photo shoot (with us, of course, hehehe) ! Don’t just keep digital files: make a book!

Ok I want!! I want!! I want!!
Yayyy goodyy! then please go right ahead and get in touch email: | tel: 233) 264 895 059 us! You will find details about our rates and packages here.