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A Child is Born:

The beauty of a child in the parents loving hold. These are moments that always stay with me as a photographer. It is such a strong emotional experience: the subject is what I try to capture in poetry…

Main man Astero marries his sweetheart of 10 years!

Actually known as  Michael Bredu-Appiah Astero was every student’s  favorite teaching assistant and has now metamorphosed into a lovable lecturer (you should have seen the fans from his students and colleagues!). From back in the days when we were classmates (in university), through our national service year as teaching assistants I have had senior respect […]

Journey to Stilt Village. Nzulezu

I share with you photos I took on my trip to Nzulezu (sidenote: this was part of my honeymoon :-)). Its’ an amazing experience; and the scene has a romantic tick. My observation however is that life on the water sure is hard for the villagers. They shared with us some of the challenges: chief among […]